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written by: Lashaye



Why can't I love you,
Haven't I proved true?
I loved you with every
Breath that heart
And soul could bring
Into each and
Everything when love
Was all I could do.
My love for you
Reached the depths
And heights of
Our private needs
Drenched and
Aching as I loved you free.
I loved you with a
Strength, my
Being could not
Control -
I loved you with a
Desire only my
Body could unfold.
I loved you with a
Love that defied all
Sense of gravity, as I
Would let my mind
Make love with your
Sea, I loved you in
All these breathless
And beautiful ways,
Reckless and
Displays that only
A true love could
Make mere mortals
Fray. For even now
I shall prove to love
You, Without you…



A reader, writer and lover of words. Always has been my passion to write and share my creative works with those having the same deep appreciation for the art.

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