Into My Stillness, written by Christine E. Ray at

Into My Stillness

Into My Stillness

written by: Christine E. Ray




Put your hand

On my trembling heart

Listen into my silence

Midnight blue velvet

Reach into my stillness

Deeper than you have ever dared

Gently touch my silver waters

Undisturbed in eternal privacy

Your fingertip the first ripple

On crystalline surface



Can you hear a murmur

A whisper

A sigh?

Quiet voice within me that softly rises

Singing an ancient song

Of longing

Of ache

Of homecoming



Rest your head

Upon my breast

My skin warm silk

Beneath your cheek

Let your breath

Fall into step with mine

Closer than we have ever been

To peace on earth

All else falling away

There is only us

Drifting together on the edge

Of waking dream

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