Jack of Lore, a poem by Phyllis P. Colucci at Spillwords.com
Astral Ember

Jack of Lore

written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



My siblings and I were always told
to “Wish Upon a Star”
We always found the brightest one
Yet it never got us far
So today I told my brood of four
forget tales from the past
Halloween is ‘round the corner
It is time to have a blast

You see the Pumpkin on the counter
wearing a special smile for you
I think it’s time to “Wish Upon a Pumpkin”
where Halloween dreams come true
So Mr. Jack-o-Lantern
So perfectly carved and bright
was lovingly moved to the front porch
where he would spend the night

Each of four children whispered their wish
to this fine old Gent of Lore
Their twinkling eyes were set afire
while “Jack’s” magic led hearts to soar
They hated to leave him alone so soon
But he flickered a “code” only children would know
and they headed to bed humming a tune
Charmed by his bewitching glow

…Morning arrived too quickly for me
but the kids hardly slept a wink
They ran to the porch to check on old “Jack”
each staring, without even a blink
“Jack” smiled with delight; wide gaps ‘tween his teeth
The children gathered ‘round their friend
They knew he was special, they knew he was kind
They were enamored to the very end

He guided them with his “flickering code”
Gently pushing them down to their knees
While down on the ground, they searched for their wish
Digging through autumn leaves from tall trees
To their surprise they each found a gift
The ones they had wished for last night
They knew it was magic from “Jack” himself
because they whispered to his flickering light
They found a doll, two trucks and a video game
and they ne’er let “Jack” out of their sight

In wonderment they sat, giggled and played
As “Wishing Upon a Star” was ne’er the same
Since a Pumpkin granted their heart’s desire
“Jack” became the one they must blissfully blame
They couldn’t believe that he brought them such joy
but I knew the truth about “Jack”
He had Halloween magic I bestowed upon him
from a “Wish List” found in every child’s pack
I knew if I searched each pack I would find
innocent yearnings of every kind

So now “Jack” and I can grant a Surprise
One the Children will never, ever surmise
When the Season rolls in and knocks at the door
There he will be – our “Jack of Lore”
This secret of magic between “Jack” and Me
will remain as such; that’s the way it must be
Each Halloween Season “Jack” and I will come through
for the Children, their Friends – and even for You!

Sure, there’ll be ghosts, goblins, and scarecrows galore
Skeletons and spiders and so much more
Tricks or Treats; Witch’s brew to pour
Yet nothing could ever match the magic and love
from the one and only – our “Jack of Lore”



No need to “Wish upon a Star” around Halloween; you may “Wish upon a Pumpkin” for some flickering Halloween magic that will become your next treat.

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