Just One More Day, a poem by Staci-lee Sherwood at Spillwords.com
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Just One More Day

Just One More Day

written by: Staci-lee Sherwood



A once in a lifetime love
As gentle as a dove

Came unexpectedly into my life
Without giving me any strife

He touched my heart strings
As soft as a butterflies wings

We danced through the years
Shedding only a few tears

A journey of colors and shapes
We never wanted to escape

A fairytale fit for a princess
Her prince would have nothing less

We grew old and settled in
Living life from within

Spring’s warm sunny days
Turned to winter’s cold haze

A shock of such sad news
Forever giving me the blues

His pain is finally gone
As I watch the morning dawn

The love I held so dear
And was always oh so near

There will be so much sorrow
And be no more tomorrow

I shall not say goodbye
True love will never die

Every rainbow that I see
Every flower with a bee

All the stars that twinkle
All the rain that sprinkles

As the sun warms the air
And for all that I care

When the moon casts its glow
For all that I know

Till the very end of time
You will always be mine

If I could give anything my love
To watch over you from above

To have every day
Never fade away

I will forever be your mate
And you as always my fate

I only ask the stars above
Just one more day with my love



Dedicated to my parents

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