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written by: Michelle Ayon Navajas


I wondered sweetly
on a lazy sunny afternoon
as you lay
in my bed with a smile
and eyes closed for a while
I could kiss you and feel
the touch of your lips on mine
but dreaded the thought
of waking you up my dear
so I slowly caress your face
and feel the warmth of your skin
unto the palm of my hand

Did I ever get the chance to tell you, how lovely you looked that day
and would it be too late to say
that I loved you then
and love you now?

I wondered if I ever get to hold you
in my arms so close
and listen to your heartbeat
in the same rhythm as mine
I watched you breathe slowly
as your body moves
in a manner so gentle and smooth
and many times I was tempted
to steal a kiss from you that day
but baby, I didn’t ‘cos I want you
to see me smile as I kiss you
with my arms wrapped around you
so tight, then we could slow dance
to our make-believe song

let’s kiss and stay and don’t you ever go away

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