Leap of Faith, a short story by Bridie Murphy at Spillwords.com

Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

written by: Bridie Murphy



I was all alone. That was how I had wanted it. But now as I tried to keep my balance on the sheer cliff edge, panic was beginning to set in. Having finally reached this point, was my courage about to fail me? I had planned the event for some time, but now could I carry it through? The weathered rope dangled from my sweaty palms. But the gentle hum of the sea below was reassuring.
Then a voice from afar shouted. “Do you need help?”
I glanced in the direction from which the voice had come.
There he was, a solitary gentleman on the beach waving his walking cane in my direction.
He continued “I’ve been using that rope for years. There’s no fear of you. Just grip it tightly. The water’s lovely and you can climb on the rocks now that the tide is out”.
Seeing my hesitation he called again. “Wait there and I will come and help you!”
My nerves settled. Finally my dream of walking on the coveted Nun’s Beach was about to come true.

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