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Leaves on The Breeze

Leaves on The Breeze

written by: Branwen Rhiannon Drew



Silver and purple maple leaves,
on the trees,
and on the breeze.

In the spring, there were
maple helicopters everywhere,
and whirligigs flying free
now autumn leaves fill the air.

Gray squirrels, chipmunks, and others gathering
acorns, nuts, and seeds,
filling their larders for the wintering.

Vast rafts of geese and ducks on ponds and lakes,
ready to fly south,
to avoid the winter flakes.

Tall trees with spreading naked branches
Reaching to the sky, as though grasping for the light
before the long winter’s night advances.

Autumn is here,
few leaves left on the trees,
needles on the evergreens,
white snow cover is near.

Are you ready for the freeze?
Wait for the arctic breeze.

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