Letters To The Unborn written by Eric Danhoff at Spillwords.com

Letters To The Unborn

Letters To The Unborn

written by: Eric Danhoff



the day I found out about you
the world had shifted
I felt less fake
more permanent
then these words
from books no one has read
five years with your mother
scares me still
the closest I’ve ever been to forever
I’ve been carrying the weight
of two families for some time
preparing to continue the name
in a good direction
watching the world both galvanize
and crumble
this is where we come from
I write these letters to tell you
all you ever need to know
if you ask why we decided to have you
we didn’t
we welcomed the possibility of you
trading in our once future selves
in light of your potential
your body is yours alone
listen to music that challenges you
you don’t have to belong to anything
you were loved
long before you ever saw light
hold the door open for people
even if they say nothing in return
another’s ignorance is not a reason
to show them you lack manners
everything you notice in yourself
and in others, is a lesson
use your turn signal when you drive
learn to keep things to yourself
you will not be treated as an equal
but the hard way
has always been our specialty
strive to be greater than me
make some mistakes
learn from them
but you will learn more
from the mistakes of others
never settle
learn to cook, to dance, to sing
question your parents
but respect your elders
read books
do not rest on the first success
create things that matter to you
social media profiles do not define you
never stop learning
the internet is not a crutch
you come from a splintered family
but not a broken one
travel to other countries
remember where you came from
even if you never go back there
i don’t have all the answers
but you will understand why i lied
in time
my true legacy
is you

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