#manifesto, poetry by Lucretia Lixandru at Spillwords.com
Levi Guzman



written by: Lucreția Lixandru



you, me, her. us.
all of us are worthy
simply because we exist
in a world that crumbles one
second at a time

we are worthy.
our worth
is not depending on anything else
on productivity, on what we do
for other people or
for the things that we could possibly do

we are worthy.
worthy of appreciation
when we do something for ourselves only,
a little something
that isn’t supposed to make sense
to anyone else.

we are worthy.
worthy of recognition
of all the good things we’ve done so far,
even if now
we are just laying on the grass
watching the sunset.

we are worthy.
worthy of feeling loved
for who we are now and here,
the ghost of the past haunting
what could be a present moment
of bliss.

we are worthy.
worthy of acceptance, of being
seen as we are, not how the other
imagines us to be.
flaws, mistakes, imperfections.

we are worthy.
worthy of respect
for managing to remain human
in such an upfront way,
in such unpredictable days,
day after day, after day.

our souls have met
the salt of the earth
and yet we stand
refusing to give up on all
the little things that have meaning to us,
the little things that make us be

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