MIDNIGHT CALL written by Kabir Deb at Spillwords.com



written by: Kabir Deb


She called him at midnight
Sobbing, not sleeping, which often happened
Eye liner she gave now started to flow
Like the arsenic from many blasts together
He, on the other side had nude pictures around
Shifting from the mid brain to the hind brain
Corpus luteum filled with history of molestation
You must be thinking how can a friend molest!
But they do, every moment like an incisor
When a “She” calls a “He” at midnight
He was least concentrating on the sobbing voice
Rather the whole concentration rested inside him
With closed eyes and left hand waving together
She just now saw her past haunting her
Even with eyes open like an owl, she saw him
The one she felt she could share with
Was busy by ignoring her shattering words
Just few “Hmm” kept coming from her hearing box
As she shared the whole past with him
She kept the mobile back to its home, the drawer
He was busy in seeing her on his laptop
Kissing a boy who she supported with an open mind
But now she is inhaling the kiss
To make him bounce as he bursts open
When he stays with her retiring soul
He turns out to be a progressive unlabelled elixir
But when he flies away from his periphery
He turns out to be an oppressing wine
Sipping off the dandelions from the seed she planted
Deep down inside he knows what he is
Making him a grudge which can resist a woman
Or a voyeur who can sequester her body before he soul
She just needs to take the scissor from his hand
For no one will ever hand it to her
To lift the front screen to understand what lies behind
To know what it means to sob at midnight for a past
And sharing the words to make him breathe.


Copyright – KD

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