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Love Never Found

written by: Mike Washburn


From the very first time I saw her, I knew my world would never be the same. The first time I heard her voice, I knew the meaning behind a siren song. The first time I touched her, I knew what it was like to touch an angel. The first time we kissed I knew what it is to feel forever. The first time we made love I knew what it was to visit heaven.

I knew from that very second that the fall I was about to endure was going to hurt, the fact she smashed through my impenetrable defences like a wrecking ball through glass, was the scariest feeling I have ever felt. To be completely defenceless to a beauty I truly didn't deserve, I knew I was in trouble. This woman had no clue what she had done to me, for I knew her love would kill me.

I wish she was here safe in my arms, but she is a free spirit and uncontrollable, she carries on with her siren song and angelic touch, which every being who experiences her magic will forever be consumed by her. I am forever in awe, and in love with a creature from fiction, for she is a muse, an angel, a curse, but I am happy in love and forever tormented by the fact that she will never be mine.

This amazing creature created by Aphrodite herself, clearly, a curse to the man who is consumed by beauty. She was put here to teach all men a lesson. That if all that you desire is the physical beauty and the pleasures of the body, you will be forever in pain, and searching for the one who got away. Forever tortured by that past, and in love with an idea that truly doesn't exist.

The lesson here, is that without a strong mind, a weak person will forever be alone and lost in purgatory, wandering aimlessly through life, forever broken, judging and comparing every potential happiness.

Mike Washburn

Mike Washburn

Been an artist in all aspects my whole life, and it's time to get my stuff out there...
Mike Washburn

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