Mortal Bliss, written by Stephanie Musarra at

Mortal Bliss

Mortal Bliss

written by: Stephanie Musarra



“Don’t you realize that we’re soulmates?” Richard brushed his hand against Renee’s cheek.
“What does that mean?”
“That we share the same soul,” Rick grinned, “If we’re not within a 3 mile radius of each
other, one of us will die!”
Renee rolled her eyes. “Are you high?!” She stepped outside the boundary.
“Don’t do it!” Richard screamed.
Renee began to feel faint, and collapsed. She felt pains in her chest.
Rick ran up to Renee, and grabbed her. “Baby! Now, do you believe me?”
Renee sank to her knees, and sobbed. “I don’t want this! This is a curse! I’m scared. I don’t
“Shhh,” Richard draped his arm around her. “It’s O.K. I’m preparing a place for you. It will
be ready in the morning. Just sleep in the tent I set up for you, under my window. Don’t be
scared. My brother will watch over you tonight. Please, take my hand.”
Renee hesitated briefly.
“We’ve been together in every life. Images played through Renee’s mind. We were brothers-
in-arms during Hiroshima. We fought side by side in the Delta Force. We even did covert
operations together during the Cold War. You were even my daughter in one life. Isn’t that
Renee’s eyes flooded with tears. “Welcome home, soul partner!”

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