My Black Dahlia Poison Caterpillar, poem by David L O'Nan at
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My Black Dahlia Poison Caterpillar

My Black Dahlia Poison Caterpillar

written by: David L O’Nan



What I needed is your new lip poison
Overnight in the broad starry folds
A lush for your black dahlia eyes,
As sonnets written to the midnight crescent
Shall turn to meaningless words.
Of fake crystals, and gentle scarlet fainting.
The caterpillar walks up the paper walls
I watch as it becomes weak,
and it sits on the ceiling.
Depressed into asbestos honey
Knowingly it shall never rule as a butterfly.
The tipped arrows dipped in a Nepalese poison
Took my wandering mind to that of a struck animal,
Or some infected star.
Ripped from its plug in the welkin.
I want to be the naked soul in the body-bag
Hitting the rocks from the waterfall.
In one of your DMT chain link fences
A diamond floats in the brook.

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