God, The Devil and Death, poetry by Mike Turner at Spillwords.com

God, The Devil and Death

God, The Devil and Death

written by: Mike Turner



Faith is belief
Without proof
Based merely on hope
Perhaps fear

Evil is real
Extant all around us
Proof where none is needed
nor desired
And certainly feared

Death is certain
There for all of us

Are therefore, God, the Devil and Death, real?
Or mere contrivances?
And what of their similarities?
Are They
one and the same?
Each Real? Feared? Unavoidable?

Or are they perhaps
A different reflection of existence?
Of reality?
That we can only know
once we’ve left this mortal shell?

Can we then contrast
God, the Devil, and Death
With that which we know
As life?

Which is also real
And at times feared

Or do these similarities
Mean that life, too
Is of God, the Devil, and Death?

And show us that both Heaven and Hell
Are in this moment
And now?

Mike Turner

Mike Turner

Mike Turner is a songwriter and poet living on the US Gulf Coast. Named 2017 Male Gospel Entertainer of the Year by the North America Country Music Associations International, Mike’s original songs have received airplay in the US, UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and on the US Armed Forces Radio Network. He is co-founder of Music For World Peace Records, an indie record label specializing in original songs that promote world peace and oppose war. Mike’s poetry has been published in numerous print and on-line journals and anthologies; his first published poem was placed with Spillwords in 2019. Mike’s debut poetry collection, “Visions and Memories,” was published in July 2021 by Sweetycat Press and is available in select bookstores and on Amazon.
Mike Turner

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