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My Dear Child

My Dear Child

written by: Sravani Singampalli



You had the most amazing eyes
Twinkling with innocence and curiosity
You became my world and my life.
Listening to you reciting rhymes
Was my only treat
Your little hands always
Trying to help me
And wiping off my tears
When I used to cry seemed very sweet.
There were times you made me angry
But glaring at you was never my part
As you were my only child.
The day your father left us
I almost died but prayed to god
To keep me alive until I behold you
As the most beautiful bride.
I never thought that
I would lose you forever.
I am the culprit, it was all my mistake!
Perhaps I should have prayed for you instead.
You were my breath, my only child
Your smile was the
Reason of my life
Now that you’re not with me
‘Grief’ has become my child.

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