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Paper Doll

Paper Doll

written by: Nicole Cheng



I am fragile, I am thin, I am flat.
But I am still one of you.
Don’t cut me off with shears.
Don’t stab me with a pen.
Don’t rip me apart.
I still have feelings,
Just like you.

I am Pearl, I am Ghost, I am Snow.
But I am still one of you.
Don’t ruin my purity.
Don’t haunt me.
Don’t set me on fire.
I just want to stay an innocent, invisible lamb,
Unlike you.

I am clear, I am a sheet, I am a cloud.
But I am still one of you.
Don’t see through me.
Don’t wrinkle me.
Don’t break me to rain.
I don’t want anyone near me,
Because I don’t like any of you.

I am Butterfly, I am Bee, I am Bird.
But I am still one of you.
Don’t break my wings.
Don’t swat me away.
Don’t catch me.
I just want to fly away,
Far away from all of you.

I am still fragile, I am still thin, I am still flat.
And I am still one of you.
If you cut me,
If you stab me,
If you rip me,
Then… Be my guest.
Because I want to be torn away.

Nicole Cheng

Nicole Cheng

My name is Nicole Cheng. I am an aspiring writer and poet. I love poetry. I'm currently working on my first debut novel. Outside of writing, I help bring love and strength for those who have gone through difficult lives, such as I.
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