My Eyes That Wander written by Nora at

My Eyes That Wander

My Eyes That Wander

written by: Nora



He loves my eyes that wander.

Don’t you?
How when you speak some days
and I answer in nods,
and you know it’s because my
eyes have latched on
to another pair-
That man over there.
His eyes lower to our hands,
so tightly entwined.
It’s your way of ensuring
I stay by your side,
though my mind and my eyes
bask in the sight of
that man who now seems slightly perplexed.
I don’t care much, it’s minutes
before my eyes find the next
man, soft suit and grey hair.
He doesn’t care
that my head’s in your lap now,
you hands in my hair.
Every now and then
I look back at your face.
I can see that you’re pained
but I’m so fucking bored..
and these men with their stares
add some sort of flare
to what used to be fire,
a fire gone cold.

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