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My Path Runs Ahead of Me and My Plans

Canto Three

written by: Benjamin R Bray



Everyone's favorite subject
Is either recess
Or lunch
I prefer dodgeball
And pizza

Counting up from one
To five
I had hoped
To keep playing dodgeball
And eating pizza

But then it wasn't
About having fun anymore
You're growing
They said

It's a phase
They said
But no one told me
That I would go through
Temporary insanity

It's a crazy time in your life
They said without knowing
Just how right they were
Have to survive
Have to make it to the next step on the path



Part 3 of my autobiographical series of poetry.

Benjamin R Bray

Benjamin R Bray

Writing my way through life's journey; finding inspiration in the people who make me feel like I deserve to be here. In their unconditional love that I find what little strength I feel I have to face this overwhelming world. Through my writing I find escape in expression of anything I'm feeling at the moment the pen makes contact with the paper.
Benjamin R Bray
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This publication is part 3 of 9 in the series My Path Runs Ahead Of Me And My Plans
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