Louise, Suspended written by James Gabriel at Spillwords.com

Louise, Suspended

louise, suspended

written by: James Gabriel



the crane is yellow
as are the straps
holding the bed
and the helmets

 of the workmen
the bed is oak
inching its way
out of the wall

 broken open to
complete the
journey to
the hospital

 plaster dust and
bits of detritus
float through the
air some

 delicately landing on
the faces of the
people looking up
from the street

 the crane
lowers the bed
slowly past
the floor below

 Louise, 650 pounds
lying in bed
arms and legs
spread out

 to make the
apportionment of weight
even so the bed
does not

 plummet six floors
to the warm
spring asphalt
eyes shut

 now open
light blinding and
new, she sees
nothing except

and the dark
edge of a building
across the street

James Gabriel

James Gabriel

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California. James Gabriel is new to poetry. Inspired by the small moments in life that add up to who we are as people.
James Gabriel

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