Speak of The Devil, a poem written by K.H. at Spillwords.com

Speak of The Devil

Speak of The Devil

written by: K.H.


Speak of the Devil
Look who just walked into the room
The face that haunts me in my sleep
A face I cannot defeat.
You came to me in whispering dreams
And left me in chaotic nightmares
For the color of your heart changed
And your demeanor hardened
You hid yourself away from me
And I no longer wake up to
The soothing rhythm of your soul
For you are 100 miles away
And the Devil left with you
Instead of staying to keep my mind content
But I still swear
You were definitely heaven sent
But you lost tomorrow
And the memory of yesterday
Is riddled in the city of bones
Of hearts left in your wake
When they all begged you to remain
But back home to me you came
And told me without me
You wouldn’t be the same
Am I supposed to believe
You love me more than life itself
When the Devil whispers to me
Your heart belongs to someone else

I thought I left my bridges burning
But I still have some learning
To do
It’s been a long time
Since I awoke to your soul
The color so bright
I couldn’t even fight
But you’ve been gone so long
That your silhouette
Has faded from my mind
And that angelic luster
Became another illustrious rhyme
And you hid yourself away
For me to spend my days
Looking for you
And all those precious moments
Turned to dust
And all the memories of yesterday
Turned into lust
As you eclipsed away in the dark
And the Devil
Broke my trust

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