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Nature Is Not A Trend

Nature Is Not A Trend

written by: Shawntelle Moncy



I was on a hike the other day and ran into a college group of people on the trail. Later on in the hike, two of the girls came across us at the top of the mountain, one took her shirt and bra off, just about 50 feet away from us and took a photo of her naked breasts towards the trees.
Not only did this start to upset me, as my boyfriend was right next to me seeing this, but the fact that this particular posed photo has been all over social media for about a year or so.
Why do people take this photo? Simply because it is trending, because it makes them appear all hippie and will perhaps get them a lot of likes on Instagram.
So why does this bother me so much?
Maybe because if the thousands of people who have taken this photo, actually acted upon what it means to love nature, the diminishment of this precious Earth may be at a slower rate.
I consider this type of photo to be a very powerful statement; that, that woman loves our world, calls it her home and is wild and free with it.
Yet most of the people who have taken these photos, take them for the likes on social media and will probably liter their next gum wrapper along the trail.
Most people who have taken this photo won’t pick up the snail off the trail and put it in a safe place so it won’t get stepped on; or pay attention to how old the fallen trees are, or pay attention to the different assortments of leaves, dirt, flowers and rocks and take the time to appreciate the fresh, wild wilderness and inhale it into their lungs like a drug.
I wonder if these people see the litter on the streets and begin to pick it all up to keep the world’s beauty sacred.
I wonder if they learn the types of birds, the types of flowers that they see.
I wonder if they let the honey bee pollenate the Earth or swat it away.
I wonder if they listen to the rivers run and close their eyes like it’s the hymn to their souls.
I wonder if they sit on a rock like it’s their couch, or bathe in a lake like it’s their bathtub.
I wonder if they smell sandalwood like it’s their perfume.
And I wonder if they have a care in the world.
I wonder if they explore the Earth for nothing but a simple insta photo.

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