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Not Thankful

written by: Angie Brocker



I’m not thankful
for the deceitful lies spit out in spiteful anger
or manipulative moves thrown at unsuspecting followers
who don’t take time to properly check the facts
I must assume I’m not that important
hurtful irrepressible accusations are spoken
meant only to scar
my heart
and create a blanket to cover
my true intentions
so no one can see the real me
becoming burdened and buried by lies and bad intentions
standing in a corner
waiting for someone to ask
my side of a situation
slowly I turn to face the wall
while hiding my hot, slippery tears
and the anger making my face contort
into something I don’t recognize
still in the ugliness
I’m hopeful for someone
to take time and listen
I’ll wait…

Angie Brocker

Angie Brocker

Angie Brocker is the married mom of four grown children who loves living in the Florida sunshine. She obtained her BA in English Literature with a Creative Writing emphasis and has poetry published on Spillwords, EskimoPie and In Between Hangovers. Her short stories are also published in five anthologies.
Angie Brocker

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