Now I'm Reminiscing Again, poetry by Olayioye Keji Akintunde at
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Now I’m Reminiscing Again

Now I’m Reminiscing Again

written by: Olayioye Keji Akintunde



The night seems too long,
& it feels like the day will break not.
Reminiscing about those especial moments.
All the tranquil nights, when
everything about us used to be right.

The night seems too long, galloping
behind the evening tide, but
the thought of us keeps me on; the
good-old days when we would have all the fun.
Dewy-eyed I get, knowing those sublime times are gone

Flawed humans we are,
Though powerful minds we have, meant to be
responsible for our greatness. Alas
and alack, they make memories linger on
& on, to become our weakness

We’re miles apart, like heaven and earth. Even the
strongest magnet is powerless on us. Nonetheless, I hope
this gets to you, wherever you are. & know
my heart, in its full bloodiness,
Still craves & yearns for you.

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