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The Yellow Suitcase

The Yellow Suitcase

written by: casual_narratives


She hasn’t set foot on the island she once called home in years. At the onset of 2022, she received a surprise for her birthday in April. She was thrilled to have that gift. Finally, after more than 3 months, she saw again the places and people closest to her heart. She could not contain her joy. She let her yellow suitcase slide through the rough pavement as she and her sister reminisced about some good memories. They took the jeepney to surprise their mom who had no idea that she was coming home. Her mother, on the other hand, had a strong feeling she would be nearby. The humid atmosphere of April was filled with laughter and warmth, “How are you, my daughter?” “How are you mom?” She shared her gifts with everyone. She pulled out her yellow suitcase and unpacked her dirty and unused clothes, just as she had unpacked her heart, her sorrow, and her years-long journey. The euphoric atmosphere was replaced with a somber yet hopeful atmosphere. She might had no reason to leave the chaos she was in if it weren’t for the gift of returning home. God still moves. Before returning to work on another island, she spent a week with them. Those were her most memorable days. The best times to laugh, mourn, and be vulnerable. What a brief period of time. She now had to pack her possessions into her yellow suitcase, just as she had done with the satisfying experiences she had just had. Even though her yellow suitcase will be on a different island in a few hours, she always looks forward to unpacking and remembering that she will always have a home wherever she is. She can look forward to a bright future, knowing that no matter how difficult things may appear, she will succeed.⠀



The picture was taken right before her flight. A yellow suitcase was in her hands. Her departure from home, and the ray of light beaming through her eyes, provided the inspiration for this story of the Yellow Suitcase.⠀

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