Nyansuguta, poetry by Daniel Gekonge at Spillwords.com
Nicola Fioravanti



written by: Daniel Gekonge



I want you,
Like the sea
Wants the shores
I want you to love me, too,
Like the glove loves the hand

I want you
Served like Ekegusii
Not with any other tongue
No. Only you, Omwanchi
A lullaby in my eardrums
An acoustic pluck on my ribs

I want you
In the stomach of my heart
Like the seed of an Avocado
Like the flesh of an Egesukari
And like the veins of an Ensobo’sobo

If you love me,
E’menyenya, E’mekabiri and E’meringamu
Will drop their leaves in your honour
And Emanga, Kiong’anyo and Nyanguru hills
Will fall to their knees, to have a taste of your heels!

~ The Oracle’s Odist.

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