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How Are You?

How Are You?

written by: Nima Mohan


Just when the alarm goes on,
And I slip into the daily drill,
Of noise and tension and chaos,
A new day awaits for me.

The pessimist in me yells at me-
You could have slept some more,
Your mind is a turmoil of emotions,
But thank God, my heart still beats.

As all days, a pile of work,
Mapping this and mapping that,
And sorting of all sorts- confused-
Oh yes!!! My brain still works.

I look into the mirror,
This was not the me yesterday,
With freckles and crow’s feet,
I smile at me and I feel better.

Aching back and an aching soul,
Head is heavy, eyes are sore,
Paining legs and trembling hands,
My old couch – I love you.

Dust and smoke and petrol smell,
Honking and swearing and noisy engines,
That is one side and on the other,
Nature in her bounty and beauty.

When there is fog in the mind,
And the road to take is confusing,
Close your eyes and ask yourself,
How are you?

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