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Oh Why Oh Why Did You Leave

Oh Why Oh Why Did You Leave

written by: Hayley Burwood



The anxiety and the pain why o why did you leave
I haven’t had the time to properly grieve
I’m confused I am lonely and I am sad
you were the best there was and what I had

I miss you from the bottom of my heart
I always believed that we would never be apart
Now it’s just me in a messy state of mind
Is it my fault you have left me behind

I want to feel I want to touch you once more
But you are gone passed through that door
to know you are looking down at me with tears in your eyes
The one kiss I gave you that moment before you died

I’ll never forget the joy and laughter we made
Never will my love for you ever fade
I go to your grave I sit hoping you would talk me around
But with no reply it’s just the big stone in the ground

I give you flowers I give you a candle that’s alight and glow
But still no answers why you had to go
I’m so desperate to get a piece of mind too
I guess it’s a battle I need to conquer through

Hayley Burwood

Hayley Burwood

I am a 41 year old woman who has learning disabilities and mental health problems too. I have a 12 year old child who lives with me, it hasn’t been easy but with the right support I'm managing. I have problems with confidence and self-esteem. I've been through domestic abuse, emotional and sexual abuse as a child, including physical abuse here and there. I really like writing poetry and needed a chance to show what I can do. It makes me feel happy. I feel I can express how I feel through my poetry. I would like to gain awareness for people who are struggling and going through tough times, I've done speeches and read my poetry aloud at lots of events. And it helps me a lot. Everybody has a voice. I really hope my work gets through to people’s hearts and they realise that I have talents and life issues to share as well.
Hayley Burwood

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