Oh Why Oh Why Did You Leave, by Hayley Burwood at Spillwords.com

Oh Why Oh Why Did You Leave

Oh Why Oh Why Did You Leave

written by: Hayley Burwood



The anxiety and the pain why o why did you leave
I haven’t had the time to properly grieve
I’m confused I am lonely and I am sad
you were the best there was and what I had

I miss you from the bottom of my heart
I always believed that we would never be apart
Now it’s just me in a messy state of mind
Is it my fault you have left me behind

I want to feel I want to touch you once more
But you are gone passed through that door
to know you are looking down at me with tears in your eyes
The one kiss I gave you that moment before you died

I’ll never forget the joy and laughter we made
Never will my love for you ever fade
I go to your grave I sit hoping you would talk me around
But with no reply it’s just the big stone in the ground

I give you flowers I give you a candle that’s alight and glow
But still no answers why you had to go
I’m so desperate to get a piece of mind too
I guess it’s a battle I need to conquer through

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