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Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect




A Picture frame strung by the walls of my mind
Clasped in gold and threaded in the lining of the soul

Backdrop is livid
Cursed fingers touch solid
And get smudged in the Inky blue
To the mind there is still no clue

Daubed digits feel the sun in garb
In a desire to arouse the golden orb
Gold is dusted on the palms
And the brain has no qualms

Heavens are fluff of silvery romance
And the birds are angels winged in stance
Failed hands caress the winged poets
While they paint the silvery quotes

Trees languishing in mossy gel
And the earthy soil is a messy hell
Orchids bobbing in the frame
Desirous of trooping into the Game

Touch the rose
And it swells like the tide
Tulips gather for a pandemonium
And the stalks melt into oblivion

Men are spirits
Glued in the picture
Palms raise a toast
And the shadows boast

Stargazers look beyond Space
To jostle in the Race
And the Dog star is the candle
That oozes the zeal to kindle

Rocky mountains mollify
As molten ash glorify
The picture is waxen and lumbering
So cold and yet melting and drooping

In the warmth of the palm
Elements fuse in the frame for calm
Palms dance like Aborigines
Sans the dark lines

The image is naive and eager to peel off the rust
Floating like memory on a bed of steel adorned in dust.

Sarmistha Gupta

Sarmistha Gupta

I was born as Sarmistha and grew up as a dreamer selling my dreams. I have connected with poetry in various genres since my growing up years. I have done my studies delving in the depth of English Literature and pursued my passion for writing ever since. Presently I am professionally engaged in the social sector and work among socially distressed women in India, West Bengal.
Sarmistha Gupta

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