Pilgrimage For Redemption, written by Nishand Venugopal at Spillwords.com

Pilgrimage For Redemption

Pilgrimage For Redemption

written by: Nishand Venugopal



Over 200 sloth bears are finally having a taste of freedom here in Agra Bear Rescue Facility, thanks to wildlifesos.org & government. They are trying to forget the torture they went through each day as ‘Dancing Bears’. Poached from their mothers at a very young age, suffering pierced muzzles using hot rods without any anesthesia, holes are made to put rope which is used to control them by pulling it, which leads to never-ending pain and constant infections. Their canine teeth crudely broken off for the safety of their masters. List of suffering they have endured continues but now things have changed for the bears in the facility…it’s time to take a rest and feel what is to be wild to a certain extent… Great work has also been done in rehabilitating the Kalandar community by giving skills and means for alternate sources of income so that they will not go back to this profession again and trouble those poor beasts. The best part is providing education for the young ones in this nomadic community who surely are going to reap the benefits in the future… This is my take after visiting the bear facility and here are a few photos of the beautiful beasts.. I would recommend those who are interested in Wildlife and its conservation to visit this facility. You will enjoy it… If TAJ is a monument of love then this facility is a ‘pilgrimage for redemption’. I faintly remember in my childhood looking at ‘Dancing Bears’ performance which by coincidence I came to see on the street, I never thought at that time that the bear was jumping in pain…I couldn’t do anything at the time due to ignorance but now I will spread the word to stop mistreating wild animals for fun…

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