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Plane Lights & Satellites

Plane Lights & Satellites

written by: Allyson Lyon



Beneath the stars, I had wanted to tell you

That I loved you.

To this day, I don’t know if it was romantically, or

Just as friends,

But the feeling had been overwhelming to

Just say it.

But I knew how you felt about those three words

So even as they burned down my throat back to the

Pit of my stomach.

I didn’t utter a thing.

I just stared into that vast space above our heads, a

Swirling, melting vortex

Of stars and planets and worlds we’d never know.

Plane lights and satellites.

I stayed silent, matching my breath to yours for comfort.

I wondered if there was at least one other universe

In this world.

Because maybe we’d end up together there.

Maybe you’d survive that one.

But would it be as beautiful as that night?

Allyson Lyon

Allyson Lyon

A hopelessly romantic writer.
I have a love for the cliché and zombies.
Currently roaming between Brooklyn and North-Western Pennsylvania.
Allyson Lyon

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