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Perseverance Of Freedom

Perseverance of Freedom

written by: Jessikalynn1980



They say I have freedom
The right to make a choice
And that I can express thoughts
With my own voice.

So why stand around
And have this great fear
That I am slowly watching
My freedom disappear?

Therefore, I will speak my mind,
Into the corner I will not shrink
and let someone else try to govern
What I think!

I will stay strong
I will not be consumed by grief
I will not let anyone
Desecrate my beliefs!

I will not let
the lives lost be in vain
For my freedom
Many were slain!

I am an American
Freedom is my right
and until the very end
For this I will fight!!



This poem is dedicated to the soldiers of the past, present, and future who have, are and will continue fighting for the freedom I so love and enjoy!! Thanks to you and may God Bless You!! Stay Safe.

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