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Polar Opposites

written by: Connor Ball


The world makes it impossible to only love. Or to only hate.
The world makes it so I just second guess everything I say, and then just when I've finally made it right...
There's something wrong.
But if I just change one thing...
It'll be wrong for even more of the everyone that stands between myself and some kind of validation.
Maybe I should respect my own opinions
But that would mean giving myself credit for anything I've ever done 'right'.
And that is obviously too narcissistically practical.
One minute that's what I ordered... The next I'm signing away my rights...
One minute I'm as sure as the waves and the next there's a tsunami off the coast of De Nial.
But it would only take a drop to wash away my faith... And somehow I end up with a flood.
And to save myself the pain...I just freeze it right in place. Like saving leftovers for later.

Connor Ball

Connor Ball

My name is Connor Ball, a highschool sophomore. I've been writing like this for about six months now. Writing like this has kept me going more than a few times.
Connor Ball

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