Price of Bravery, by Alyssa Gwen at

Price Of Bravery

Price of Bravery

written by: Alyssa Gwen



Been away too long
the bohemian gene in my blood
is like a forever birthmark
lullaby sounds out of tune from dream to dream
the tuneless melody triggers my homesickness
a vague recollection in the fog

I didn’t know nostalgia until
I realised glittering neon lights are not fireflies

from the moment
I made my way toward the land of exile
I already knew
the price of bravery
is paid by the clamour of loneliness

Alyssa Gwen

Alyssa Gwen

No complicated or difficult vocabulary in my works, but the feelings are real.
Love fashion & luxury, great food, music, illustration art works and literature, can't get enough learning from life.
Alyssa Gwen

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