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Promises Of Spring

Promises of Spring

written by: LadyLily



A Robin, crotched patch of feathers, flush-blush red, preens,
his reflection caresses sheets of virgin snow.
Frosted limbs of a Cherry tree shine
as a constellation of stars, it’s trunk
wrapped in chestnut skin.
A nut crushing squad of squirrels
disturb a close crocus family,
who tremble, submerging their olive tips.

Flames from chuckling blue Anemones
spray the snow navy,
as Snowdrops swaddle together…
a bunch of blonde ponytails.
Cabbage-White, sticky taped under windowed ice,
her wings once of lace ribbon,
now sad sorrel as a Dolly’s skin,
mourned by two paper cut-out Gnomes.

Sooty Crow’s head darts side to side,
pupils brown as peat, confused
over the ice-mummified morsel.
Tar-black plumage flaps to baker’s window,
swarthy beak stains red from
Mrs Merryweather’s cooling cherry pie.
Flits back to his twigged crib,
Ferns flick-flip open, giggle and quiver.

Bowed head Blue Tit sits quietly,
…Fed up!
Wishing his missus wouldn’t flirt while fluttering…
As dawn beckons and breaks
with symphonies from Skylarks and Wrens,
Lady Dusk slips off her satin shoes,
elegantly giving way to freezing shadows
of crinkled Viola statues.

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