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written by: JayM


A Unique peace,
But from another, a part of,
An eternal elegant existence,
A dew drop, an emotion,
Caressing the air,
Tracing brilliance;
A collection of thought scattered rain, droplets shimmering silver.

Softness abounds,
Gently aglow,
A promise in motion,
Of days of glory,
From a dawn exquisite,
To evenings benign;
A grand path,
Flower bedecked, pearl inlaid.

Freedom of soul,
To soar, gossamer wings,
A rush, a calm,
Mind symphony,
Soul harmony,
Words wings,
Bated breath,
A leap of faith;
Silver doves conquer
The empyrean high.

A writ destiny,
Jade crafted,
A deep silence.
Amid the still of night,
Thoughts ablaze;
Exploring profundity of dreams yet to occur...



JayM is a poet and writer from Mumbai, India; who strives to make sense of the increasingly multiple, ambiguous and paradoxical world around him through his verse and prose. He writes poetry - free verse and traditional haiku; apart from satire based upon his travels. He takes life with a pinch of salt, and advocates that doing so makes it highly palatable.

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