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Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole

written by: Sarah Connor



spiralling fast
out of control
down the deep
dark rabbit hole

inner demons
gripping tight
drag me down
but still I fight

“you can have my thoughts,
but not my heart!”
I scream, I SCREAM
don’t fall apart

dark shadows
obscure my mind
ripping away
all sense of time

like the time
i would fearlessly
seize the day
carpe diem
words in decay

or the time
i stood
brave and strong
like fleeting wind
that time is

but time has an
unconscious purpose
to redefine
and direct my course

time will heal
and shine a light
in dark corners
encouraging flight

so in due time
I will return
with mistakes made
and lessons learned

the darkness will not
swallow me
I will escape
finally free

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