Refilling The Cup, a poem by Fizza Younis at
Thiago Matos

Refilling The Cup

Refilling The Cup

written by: Fizza Younis



I’ll crawl if I can’t fly,
With a hopeful heart, I’ll try
Standing tall in the face of terror,
That stares back through the mirror.

If you wish to live in denial,
The choice is yours, how you fight for survival-
Not me, though;
I’d rather accept the truth and grow.

When the darkness comes knocking at my door,
I won’t hide like before;
And even if it takes control of my mind,
There’s no room in my heart it’ll find.

And if I ever feel like giving up,
I’ll refill my half-empty cup
With all the love I can dig up from within my soul,
I’ll claw my way out of any bottomless hole.

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