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written by: Madhu Jaiswal



I am an empty room full of reminiscences of past.
Memories dangling to the ceiling, remaining adhered to its vast.
The heartbeats of mingled souls that beat once rhythmically.
Shadow of the past lurks, and echo poignantly.
Loneliness pinches deep down, intense in the heart.
What remains now; is the tale of a beauteous luminous past.
The solitary moon, the dim stars and the deep conversations rewind.
Clouds hovers hoarsely in the gloomy sky, emoting the state of mind.
Enlisting all the memories, it starts drizzling and pour.
The engulfed amenities and soothness; that eminently devour.
Why can’t it let go? O’ my fragmented psyche, it’s excruciatingly hurting.
I want to lie in peace now, if thou not reverting.

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