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Return To Sleep

Return To Sleep

written by: Kavita Ezekiel Mendonca


There’re times the virus robs me of my sleep
Tempts my thoughts to turn wild, climb hills too steep
Sometimes it simply just isn’t there
All traces of the ‘thing’ vanish into thin air
The law of life must surely apply
To the virus, the problem must come with a reply,
If what goes up must come down
Then what comes in must go out.

In the end longed for sleep must come
Surely, that virus will tire of beating its drum,
Things of pure beauty will replace the doom
Children can soon return to the classroom,
‘Hope springs eternal in the human breast’
All the world will at last find its sought after rest
No longer should the earth feel strange and surreal
Cling to that hope, to all mankind I make my appeal.

Where there is a bust there must be a boom
We’re not unconnected, at least we have ‘Zoom’
I know boom and bust from living in an oil city
And I’m certain that He is a God who takes pity
On man, in his states of sickness, and restores him to health
He’s the one who can bring him back to peace and to wealth.

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