Sans a Spoon to Feed, a poem written by Lei Writses at
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Sans a Spoon to Feed

Sans a Spoon to Feed

written by: Lei Writses


So have been closed are the air and sea ports,
Guarded are the cities’ entrance of sorts,

The mouth whom many foods await to feed,
Hath known less of what do the peasants need,

‘Tis thus in crises shall we see who care
On many with in need of meals to share.

For days, the rich worries on getting less
Wealthier than long hath he been with riches;

‘Twas when first announced to store enough stocks
That his wife paradest them in big box,

Of foods, they worryn’t—for golds are their spoons,
And mind no business to the poor’s concerns.

The poor father, nonetheless, hath been sad
For weeks, he grieveth like a beggar mad,

“What more to feed the starving poor?” asked he,
“Sans work to earn a life nor a penny!”

He calleth his God for a bowl of rice,
Yet his Lord snores with a thunder and ice.

God might have been asleep now for two weeks,
Else He party with the riches, showing tricks,

For He seemed to pay a deaf ear on pleas,
Whilst at night so soundly sleep the riches,

As the peasants they know not force a sleep,
Dreaming of beef to eat and rice to keep.

“My God,” he prays, “why make us badly poor?”
“We shan’t die of sickness but of hunger,”

He cryeth more and added, “Hark! my Lord.”
“I wish no spoons golden like but thy word.”

So saying, down on his knees, drops himself;
Dries his tears and walk away from the cliff.



To all Filipino fathers who are greatly affected by the hunger of their children at times of pandemic.

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