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written by: Sohinee Dey



Oh maiden O’ mine,
Hand me over that drop;
For I need to hold on, need to prop.
Oh sweet lady O’ mine,
I want to hang on to my sanity,
Don’t want to lose myself to vanity.
Hand me over that last drop,
For I need some clarity;
I want to escape,
Escape from this world of cruelty,
Where lads and lasses are engaged in enmity.
I don’t want to succumb just now,
For I have made a vow;
Oh maiden O’ mine,
Hand me over that last drop of sanity.
Don’t lure me in,
No, no, I am not keen;
I have a mountain of sins.
Oh no, don’t you beckon me,
I cannot summon a smile, you see.
Leave me with the vestiges of my profanity;
No longer will I be fooled by their silver-tongued oratory.
‘Tis a world’s vindictive ploy,
Enchants and charms us in a manner so coy.
But I am no fool,
I won’t drool.
I am just a human;
Don’t want to surrender to the insanity,
For my deeds will be known in infamy.
Oh sweet lady O’ mine,
I just want to hang on to the last thread of sanity.


This poem is written from a man’s perspective who is hanging onto his life by the last thread. He wants to let go but doesn’t want to let go just yet. He is in a dilemma. Temptation, enmity and too many sins are in his way. He looks back at his life and thinks of everything that he has done wrong. He calls out to this lady and asks for a drop of sanity. Sanity, here represents love/comfort/affection, anything that helps him to be in the present and not lose his mind.

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