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Satan's Whiskers

written by: Lorenzo Berardi


A cat
followed you upstairs
from down the street;
I found it at home
in a corner
under the sofa, hissing at me,
refusing to eat.

A cat
was what we both wanted but
were always afraid
to bring in:
(the armchair, the books,
the wallpaper, the piss)
well, now a puss purrs here
and you accuse it
to like me more
to tear us apart
to be a wicked little thing,
a cherub turned Lucifer.

Lorenzo Berardi

Lorenzo Berardi

Lorenzo Berardi is a thirty something fellow hailing from Italy and living in Poland. He works as a freelance journalist and as a copywriter. His English written poems and short stories have been published in American, British, Canadian, and Polish print and online magazines.
Lorenzo Berardi

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