Sea Worthy, a poem by Caro Henry at
Nikko Macaspac

Sea Worthy

Sea Worthy

written by: Caro Henry


Souls adrift,
lost in a vast expanse,
hopes and dreams
swallowed by unforgiving waves.

Mothers, fathers,
eyes wild with desperation,
clutch children to their chests,
praying for an improbable miracle.

The sea, a hungry beast,
devours their hopes and dreams,
leaving nothing but the
bitter taste of salt and despair.

Babies cry out in terror,
tiny fingers grasp for
anything that might
save them.

But there is nothing,
only the sea’s endless expanse
that stretches before them
swallows them whole.

The sun beats down,
harsh, suffocating;
they thirst for relief
that is nonexistent.

They are adrift,
in a sea of

Still they fight to exist,
struggling for every breath,
every pulsation,
heroes in an unwinnable battle.

But, the sea is unrelenting;
its waves crash against
battered bodies,
dragging them into the abyss.

They scream
in agony,
voices lost
in the sea’s roar.

Then silence echoes across
the sea’s vastness,
silence that speaks of horror
desperation of ones who perish.

The sea claims its victims,
leaving nothing but
memories of brave souls,
fighting for their lives.

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