Self-Improvement Smoothie, poetry by Benjamin Bateman at
Andrea Niosi

Self-Improvement Smoothie

Self-Improvement Smoothie

written by: Benjamin Bateman



One overripe banana (for cleansing potassium).
Fifteen humble minutes signing up for the gym.

Two large handfuls of spinach (for rejuvenating vitamins and minerals).
A cut-throat hour deleting photos and friends which no longer manifest joy.

Three tablespoons of peanut butter (for nourishing protein).
An unrestrained morning spent making black binbag orphans of old outfits.

Four hundred millilitres of coconut water (for rehydration and clearer thoughts).
All night parked outside, playing private detective, uncovering the obvious.

Five fresh-boiled chicken livers (for atonement).
A redundant lifetime of regrets, wishing I’d have treated you better – when I had chance.

And blend.

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