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Clem Onojeghuo



written by: David Gray-Hammond



Burning cold wrath envelopes the gaping maw of a society so desperate to cast off its chains,
That it will cut through itself like a hot knife through butter in its vain attempt to be free,

The self-destructive soliloquy of a people,
So concerned with their individuality,
That they ignore the plight of the beaten,
And indeed, empower the aggressor,

Society is foul,
I tried to blot out its stench with a chemical mask,
But it only got worse,
So in fact when I removed the mask, the decay was all that remain,

Daily I fight with my disdain,
I try to hold onto hope for a better world,
Will today be the day that the wounds start to heal?
It rarely is,
But I hope none the less,

All that is good in the world is being slowly cut away,
Like my childhood innocence,
It lay beaten and weakened,
Scared to shine bright,
For fear of the target on its back,

When will the world stand tall again?
How can we wash away the filth and allow the world to gleam?
What is a star without its planets?
What is a planet without its people?
Our planet is suffering for us,
We must stop the pain.

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