Somber Sunsets, poetry by Qeirnin at
Evgeni Tcherkasski

Somber Sunsets

Somber Sunsets

written by: Qeirnin


I wonder if there’s a place where it’s possible
To chase the sun so far,
It never sets.
Where time would slow down for us,
And speed up for lovers stuck in sunsets.

Because maybe then
time would have more meaning
Than numbers and schedules.
Maybe then,
Life wouldn’t feel like such a contradiction.

Because why does time move so fast
When only a minute has passed?
Why do I question the reality of my existence
When the stresses of life feel too intense?
Why would I consider,
Chasing the sun around a world I have yet to explore?

It’s ironic really
We think life has no meaning
Until its ending.
Maybe life and time would mean more-
If I knew I had none left.

I’ll spend my life
chasing sunsets that don’t exist yet
And missing people I’ve never met.

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