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Some Writers, Some Lovers...and Me

written by: devereaux frazier



Some writers don’t get published

some writers don’t get noticed

some writers don’t get paid

some writers…

some writers don’t become famous

some writers don’t become legends

some writers don’t become immortal

some writers…

some lovers don’t ever find love

some lovers don’t ever find a hand

some lovers don’t ever die together

some lovers…

some lovers don’t ever stop wishing

some lovers don’t ever stop cheating

some lovers don’t ever stop lying

some lovers….

I’m stuck in the middle, lovely

I’m trapped

and it hurts

the rejections don’t matter

they just pile on my desks

the unanswered messages don’t matter

they just pile in my mind

I’m trapped

and it burns

the parent leaving doesn’t matter

the messages just fill up empty folders

the adolescence lost doesn’t matter

I’m just reminded everywhere I go

some people don’t ever cry

but the tears well up on the inside

some people never bleed

but the blood never clots for all time

some people never die

they just fade slowly away

devereaux frazier

devereaux frazier

Baltimorean poet and blogger. Published on Teen Ink, with four articles winning the Editors Choice Award, and Literary Arts Review. Article titled "Less Than Human" featured in Teen Ink's magazine. Lead Kansas Chiefs Chiefs writer for KCSportsNation. Currently writing a YA novel.
devereaux frazier

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