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Soothing Chaos

written by: DedHedpoet



Lovely, soothing, chaos
What am I to glean
Love your sharpened weapon
When you're stripped
Absent from words
All finally, you're free
Ever wander, lost
The chaos, lovely
Soothing eternal
We have no bond
Commonalities aside
Deafening silence
Most delectable.


(c) 2017 Dedhedpoet



Dedнedpoeт™ ιѕ Aυтнor Andrea Travιѕ. I aм a ғreelance wrιтer and poeт. I ѕтυdy poeтry and proѕe. I aм cυrrenтly worĸιng on a ғew ιdeaѕ ғor тнeмe вaѕed poeтry collecтιonѕ. My paѕѕιon ιѕ wrιтιng and I lιve тo тoυcн тнe нearтѕ oғ oтнerѕ. I ѕearcн тнe ѕoυl ғor wнaт connecтѕ υѕ all. Wнιcн I вelιeve тo вe wordѕ.

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