Soul Traveler written by TM Arko at

Soul Traveler

Soul Traveler

written by: TM Arko



I am floating like a cork on the ocean
Gliding like a feather on the wind
Rolling like a rock in a landslide
I am a stone skipping
Across the worldly pond
Within me and without me
I blow across the multi-colored clouds like the Jetstream
I am suspended
Like a speck of dust in outer space
I am driven
Like the rain down, down towards the ground
If you catch me smiling then
You have seen the morning sun in all its splendid glory
If you listen to me weeping within
The darkened lonely rooms then
You have heard the sound of midnight’s solitude
If you can capture me in your hands
As I try to flee or fly
Then you have caught the sparrow of death
Before it could fall to the ground



Inner thoughts while on an outward journey!

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