Speechless, poetry written by Amanda Greenberg at Spillwords.com
Nik MacMillan



written by: Amanda Greenberg



Cold words speak through our lips
never taking back what we said.
Orange flames come roaring out
a dragon’s mouth torching everyone near.

“No” is what we hear, but it’s not what we want.
“Yes ma’am,” “Yes sir” is what rings through our ears.
We are the worthy ones.

Life, death, happiness, sorrow, eager, and scared, delighted, trapped, and beauty are in our soul.
Choices and dreams fill our hearts as we let down barriers.

Thoughts strike like bolts of lightening
quickening our tempers.
Only then it will be too late.

When the unruly words cascade off our lips
watching others turn their back.
Love is endless.
Love is sweet.
Love is near.
Hold it, care for it and never let it go.

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